Skate Though Tremor

Residents have showed astonishing positivity in the aftermath of a tremor quite powerful reaching 6.0 on the Richter Scale that hit Napa, California, heart of the state’s wine country on Sunday morning. People there prefer an outdoor lifestyle and are dealing with the phenomenon that reeks of style typical of the West Coast.

Though some property were destroyed, building collapsed and roads cracked, people have not let their hopes down and the scene after the clean - up is not quite as expected. The buckled concrete is being used as ramps and skateboarders have taken up the best of what remains of the cracked sidewalks.

The director of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency services, Mark Ghilarducci has reportedly told the plain sailing facebook page that “The situation could have been much worse, but it is over now and quite manageable from any perspective, regional, financial, emotional, etc.”

“The epicenter was around 10 kilometers or six miles from south Napa. The tremors could be felt for around 10 to 20 seconds depending on the distance from the epicenter of the quake,” reported the US Geological Survey. There was damage to people and property as many have been injured, power shut down for thousands of miles, water and gas lines have ruptured and there have even been fires at some locations; however fortunately there has still not been any reported case of deaths. Ghilarducci’s team has taken on the responsibility of putting out fires and restoring the power supply.

Aftershocks might continue and an alert has been circulated to be aware of damaged buildings as they can collapse during the aftershock. However, there is a very little chance of another large follow up earthquake. The estimated damage costs submitted to the federal government assistance has nearly reached the $1 billion mark. This is the second largest earthquake to hit San Francisco Bay area after the 6.9 Loma Prieta in 1989.