Steroids in Baseball Is Illegal

Using steroids in baseball sporting activity is illegal as it is with many other sporting activities. One reason why these drugs are illegal is that they give an increased performance of the sportsman using them, which is definitely unfair in front of their competitors. Another reason why these steroids are illegal is the unhealthy effects they have over the body using them. But let's take a closer look at these drugs and see how they can damage a human body.

First of all you must know that anabolic steroids are the chemical equivalent of the male hormone testosterone responsible with boosting the muscular growth. This hormone in its natural state can indeed raise the growth of muscles in a human body, but when it is supplemented through their chemically obtained version (steroids) the muscular mass becomes even bigger while the endurance is enhanced as well.

As to the side effects these drugs can bring to baseball players or any other sportsmen and women for that matter, they are: violence, mood swings, acne, depression, liver damage, aggression, hair loss or growth and above all, cancer. It is true that the short term effects come in an explosion of muscle growth but in the long term, it can only be devastating.

Using steroids as a baseball player is illegal, although many players consider making use of them to increase their endurance on the field. Many players believe that through these drugs one can reach faster the peaks of fame while glowing out there in front of their fans and their opponents. Now given the long term side effects, you are still willing to use steroids? Next time you will think twice prior to taking these drugs, right?